When do you need biohazard cleanup? | Bio-One Tulsa

Due to the unordinary nature of violent crimes or serious injuries, many people do not have a plan in mind for what to do when they happen. And for the few have come up with a plan, this plan typically never goes past the actual incident itself. So, when do you need to call a biohazard cleanup crew? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple.

Any time and place where a death, injury resulting in loss of bodily fluid or risk of spreading a serious communicable disease occurs.

Unfortunately, incidents like these, while unordinary, do happen more often than one may think. Especially in areas of high population or industrial areas that require high risk workers, such as oil rigs, factories and others of the like. If an incident were to occur, prioritize helping the victim and gathering all needed evidence from the scene before calling in a biohazard cleanup crew.

In cases where death occurs, of any kind, it is obvious that the emergency services will need to be notified. Once they arrive, they will take over the scene. In some cases, the emergency services will call in their own biohazard cleanup crew. In the cases that the emergency services do not, wait until they have given you the okay to interact with the scene again. Immediately after you have been given the good-to-go sign from them, this is when you need to contact a biohazard cleanup crew.

In cased where a death occurred, but was not discovered for days, weeks, or even months, decomposition of the person has already begun. In this instance, it is far more dangerous for people to interact with the scene as not only did a death occur, but the decomposition of the body releases strong odors, fluids that stain and dangerous bacteria that is considered biohazardous. If you come across an undiscovered death, immediately call emergency services. Let them take care of the scene and gather all the details they need. Once their work is finished, then you can call a biohazard cleanup crew, if they did not already.

As for cases where serious communicable diseases are at risk of spreading, it is extremely important to call in a biohazard cleanup crew. In cases where diseases such as Hepatitis B, Clostridium Difficile, Salmonella and others of equal severity are found, the area must be cleaned immediately to prevent the spread of the disease by keeping you and your family safe. These diseases can spread from person to person or by coming into contact with them. If they are not cleaned immediately, the risk of contracting the disease increases by the second.

Cleanup areas are not limited to any specific area. Whether the incident occurred on residential or commercial property, inside or outside and even on land or in water, a biohazard cleanup crew needs to be called. Any time an incident has occurred where death took place, an injury resulted in a loss of bodily fluid or the risk of a serious communicable disease is present, a biohazard cleanup crew needs to be called in to thoroughly clean and sanitized by the trauma professionals.

Biohazard Cleanup Equipment

The days where the owner of the property or the family members of the victim having to clean the scene with a bucket, mop and a bunch of bleach has changed. In today’s world, sanitation of biohazardous and potentially biohazardous materials are very important. Not only for keeping a place clean, but for the safety of those who interact with the incident scene. And to do so requires specific biohazard cleaning supplies.

Due to the increase in knowledge over the potential harm that can be caused by coming in contact with biohazardous material, it is best to be left to the professionals and their specifically engineered cleaning supplies. The materials that biohazard cleanup crews are extracting from scenes can carry bloodborne pathogens, such as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), Hepatitis B and C, as well as Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff). This means that if none professionals tried to clean the scene, they would be exposing themselves to these deadly diseases, as well as everyone else around them.

To keep you and your family safe, call in a biohazard cleanup crew. All you have to do is check with the company you choose to see if they have cleaners with specific kill agents for each possible disease or infection that was let loose at the scene. There are no cleaning chemicals that are universal. In addition, biohazard cleanup crews will bring the following to each job:

·        Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Gloves

  • Biohazard Suits

  • Respiratory Masks

  • Shoe Coverings

·        Biohazard Disposal Containers

·        Proprietary Cleaning Agents

·        Commercially Available Solvents

·        Plastic Sheeting

·        Bio-Tape

·        Portable ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) Fluorescence Testing Unit

Every single piece of equipment is necessary for biohazard cleanup workers. Just as you should not be exposed to the fluids, chemicals, bacteria and infections that violent crimes and serious injuries leave behind, they do not need to be either. This is where the personal protective equipment (PPE) comes into play. The most important being the biohazard suits and the respiratory masks as this protects the lungs and the majority of the body. But at the same time, gloves and shoe coverings ensure that no biohazard material will come into physical contact with the biohazard cleanup workers.

As the personal protective equipment is important for the safety of the biohazard cleanup crew, the biohazard disposal containers are just as important in keeping the rest of the population safe. If these biohazardous materials are not collected and disposed of in their proper biohazard disposal containers, the risk of others coming in contact with the material increases. Thus, deeming the cleanup process useless.

As we mentioned above, there are no cleaning chemicals that are universal cleaners to all the diseases, infections and contaminants that a crime or injury scene leaves. This is why the biohazard cleanup crew carries both proprietary cleaning agents, as well as commercially available solvents. Through the use of both of these chemicals, the biohazard cleanup crew can ensure that the scene will be properly cleaned and sanitized for the population to safely interact with the area again.

The plastic sheeting and bio-tape help the biohazard cleanup crew block off the area where the incident occurs. The reason they block off this area is to keep the public from coming into physical contact with the biohazardous material, as well as keeping in the hazardous air. Some of the infections, bacteria and other contaminants can travel by air and cause harm to the human body. Without the plastic sheeting and bio-tape, the biohazardous material is free to move about and infect a larger area.

As for the portable Adenosine Triphosphate fluorescent testing unit, the biohazard cleanup crew uses these to test for contaminants in the site. This unit can be used at the beginning of a cleanup job to see how bad the area is, as well as throughout the cleaning process to check for how much is left. Once the portable Adenosine Triphosphate fluorescent testing unit does not detect any more contaminants, the area should be clean and sanitized for the publics use again.

Summing it Up

Vicious crimes and serious injuries do not occur in any ordinary fashion. However, they do occur at a rate, high than expected, in areas of high population or industrial sectors. If an incident occurred that resulted in death of any kind, injury where bodily fluid was lost or the risk of spreading a serious communicable disease is present, a biohazard cleanup crew is needed. Your first priority is to help the victim and call emergency services. Once emergency services have arrived and conducted their needed tasks, they should give you the okay to have the place cleaned.

Once you have been given the okay to have the place cleaned, call a biohazard cleanup crew. They will come with their specially engineered cleaning supplies and restore the scene to its original, not contaminated, state. Just remember, if an incident occurs that results in a biohazard cleanup crew’s presence, stay away from the area until given the good-to-go from the crew. There are many bacteria, infections and other contaminants that violent crimes and serious injuries put off. For your safety and the safety of everyone around you, leave the cleanup for the professionals.